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Tyre recycling plant which processes truck and car tyre into powder crumbs

Times:2024-03-19   Author:zhengyangtire

A tire recycling plant that processes truck and car tires into powder crumbs typically follows a series of steps to achieve the desired result. Here’s an overview of the typical process:

Tire Collection: The recycling plant collects used truck and car tires from various sources, such as tire retailers, auto repair shops, and waste management companies.

Sorting and Inspection: The collected tires are sorted based on their size, type (car or truck), and condition. Inspections are carried out to identify any hazardous materials or contaminants that may require special handling.

Tire Preparation: Before processing, the tires are usually subjected to a preparatory stage. This stage involves removing any metal components, such as rims or steel belts, using specialized equipment.

Shredding: The prepared tires are fed into a shredder machine that cuts them into smaller pieces. This process helps to break the tires down into manageable sizes for further processing.

Waste tire rubber powder production line

Granulation or Grinding: The shredded tire pieces are further processed using granulators or grinding machines. These machines reduce the tire pieces into small crumbs or granules. The size of the resulting crumbs can vary depending on the desired end product.

Magnetic Separation: After grinding, the tire crumbs may undergo magnetic separation to remove any remaining steel or metal content. Magnetic separators attract and separate the metal components from the rubber crumbs.

Fiber Separation (Optional): In some cases, additional steps are taken to separate the tire fibers from the rubber crumbs. This process involves using air classifiers or other separation techniques to separate the textile fibers from the rubber material.

Finishing and Packaging: The processed rubber crumbs are typically screened to ensure uniform size and quality. They may undergo additional treatments, such as removing dust or contaminants, to improve the final product’s quality. The finished rubber powder crumbs are then packaged and prepared for distribution to various industries or manufacturers.

It’s worth noting that the specific processes and technologies used in a tire recycling plant can vary. Some facilities may employ additional steps to extract valuable materials like steel or recover other byproducts from the recycling process. Furthermore, environmental regulations and market demands may influence the specific methods used in a particular plant.

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