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Waste circuit board recycling method

Times:2022-09-26   Author:zhengyangtire

At present, the recycling and processing methods of waste circuit boards generally adopt methods such as direct burial, incineration, water washing and cracking, but there will be the release of toxic substances, which is likely to cause serious secondary pollution of the air or soil and other environments, and the national environmental protection policy is not allowed. of. The best way to promote recycling and disposal of waste circuit boards internationally is to use waste circuit board recycling equipment and circuit board recycling and resource utilization equipment. These circuit boards are separated and recycled (circuit board separation and recycling) for various circuit boards, circuit boards, Recycling of electronic waste such as FPC flexible circuit boards. It has the advantages of small environmental pollution, high comprehensive utilization rate and large added value.

Waste tire rubber powder production line

1. The waste circuit boards and circuit boards are put into the entrance of the waste circuit board recycling and processing equipment, and directly into the production line to process and produce the waste circuit boards. After the initial treatment, the tin is removed.

2. The circuit board after detinning enters the crusher for rough crushing and magnetic separation, and the magnetic material can be sorted and collected, and the magnetic material can be recovered and collected.

3. The coarsely crushed material is crushed again after removing the magnetic material, and the fine powder is recovered by the dust collection equipment. There is an exhaust gas treatment device in this link. The fan can allow the exhaust gas to be discharged properly.

4. The materials that do not contain fine powder after being crushed again are screened. Part of the gravity separation equipment is used to obtain metal substances, and the other part after gravity separation is crushed for the third time. out of non-metallic substances.

5. After the waste circuit boards pass through the waste circuit board recycling and processing equipment, tin, magnetic substances, fine powders, metals and non-metal particles are sorted out. These substances can be recycled and reused.

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