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Waste tire recycling technology equipment

Times:2023-02-08   Author:zhengyangtire

The open waste tire recycling technology and equipment production line can turn waste tires into resources, environmental protection, and harmless treatment, which not only has great environmental benefits, but also has great economic benefits. The technology of rubber powder is becoming more and more mature, and the recycling and reuse of waste tires has gradually changed. Although waste tires, old tires, steel wire tires and nylon tires themselves have no effect, the processed steel wire, fiber, granules and rubber Powder will produce great economic benefits.

Waste tire rubber powder production line

Among them, waste tire recycling technology and equipment belong to the economic industry and there are three ways out:

One way out: the waste tire steel wire is separated from the bead and processed into 5cm rubber blocks for direct sale, which is convenient for transportation and has certain benefits.

Outlet 2: Rubber granules are made after the tire shredder is processed, the granules are separated from the steel wire, and the fibers are separated from the granules.

Outlet 3: After the tire is shredded, it can be used as tire rubber powder. The rubber powder is separated from the steel wire, and the fiber is separated from the rubber powder.

The open waste tire recycling technical equipment production line is also often called a tire shredder. In terms of technology and manufacturing process, the big difference comes from the difference between the finished particles and rubber powder of waste tire shredding production equipment, which is designed in combination with market conditions. Intelligent waste tire shredder equipment. With an automatic control program, automatic alarm program, and the advantages of safe physical processing technology, the waste tire crushing production equipment is mainly used for crushing and grinding, steel wire separation, and crushing particles of tires of various shapes and sizes.

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