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Waste tire recycling and decomposition system

Times:2023-02-07   Author:zhengyangtire


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Waste tire rubber powder production line

Technical features

The pre-crushing system equipment can be equipped with embedded cutters, which greatly reduces the production cost of this process

The two-step tooth-type splitting system combining crushing and steel wire grinding and cleaning efficiently separates rubber and steel wire

Double magnetic field steel wire separation system minimizes the glue content of the steel wire and improves the quality of the steel wire

The fine crushing system is a specially designed sloped stepped shearing structure, combined with high-quality alloy steel cutters, to improve shearing efficiency and reduce maintenance frequency

Multi-point fiber dust removal is used to gradually remove fibers and dust in multiple modules of the system; the central pulse dust removal system collects the dust generated during the production process uniformly, and the emission is less than 8 mg/cubic, which meets the national standard GB/Z2.1- 2007

The sound insulation system can be loaded to control the noise of the equipment within 85 decibels

System modular design, can expand or add functional modules according to production requirements

The system is equipped with a sprinkler fire prevention system to ensure safe production

The automatic control of the whole line, the interrelated operation between the various units of the system, maximizes the production capacity and has the function of predicting possible abnormal situations to ensure the safety of the system to the greatest extent.

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