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Waste tire recycling production line

Times:2022-09-23   Author:zhengyangtire

Strictly speaking, the scrap tire machine is a custom device name. The accurate written language is scrap tire shredder, also called scrap tire processing production line. Of course, many previous articles have mentioned similar problems. For tire shredders, or tires Processing equipment, tire rubber powder equipment, etc. These class names cannot accurately express which equipment is subdivided. It generally summarizes a kind of rough processing of scrapped car tires, small car tires, radial tires and steel wire tires. , fine grinding, screening and separation equipment, after crushing, there are many varieties and different uses, which will affect the downstream sales direction!

Waste tire rubber powder production line

Of course, the tire crushing machine is mainly based on the rubber powder equipment that squeezes, shears and grinds the materials under the action of dicing and grinding and sorting through the relative movement of two rollers. The waste tire processing production line is also suitable for the crushing and processing of various rubber tire materials!

Let’s briefly talk about the waste tire processing production line. Strictly speaking, this equipment can be a waste tire processing pellet production line, a waste tire processing rubber powder production line, a waste tire thermal cracking equipment, etc. Therefore, just like dumplings is a general term, as for the Dumplings stuffed with chives and eggs, or dumplings stuffed with meat are subdivided categories!

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