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Waste tire recycling production line

Times:2022-07-13   Author:zhengyangtire

There are two production lines for waste tire treatment production lines, which are mainly automated and intelligent production process equipment production lines. The recycling technology of crushing production equipment includes the separation of tire wire, tire fiber, and tire rubber. Block, the tire bezel steel wire is separated from the whole tire, and the rubber and capillary steel wire in the whole tire are reused and recycled to achieve a process that is environmentally friendly, pollution-free, and harmless.

Waste tire rubber powder production line

The model of tire shredder equipment should be determined according to your actual production and output needs. The manufacturing process and material selection of the product model are one of the important reasons for the price. Under normal circumstances, the price of a set of small pulverizers is around 200,000. Depending on the equipment used, the output is different, and the output results are different, the quotations they get are different.

Generally, the equipment for recycling and processing waste tires is composed of fully automated environmental protection equipment such as tire shredders, waste tire shredders or waste tire recycling production lines. For the production and processing of rubber particles, the principle is: the principle of shearing + crushing + vibration screening. Equipped with wire separator, rubber granulator, vibrating screen separator, fiber extraction magnetic separation system. The recycling production line for the production and processing of rubber powder is to use the principle of grinding + multi-stage grinding and screening. Configure conveyor, glue breaker, dust removal system. The entire production line operates at room temperature, with reasonable and compact layout, small installation footprint, labor saving and high efficiency.

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