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Waste tire recycling program

Times:2020-08-04   Author:zhengyangtire

The purpose of tire recycling is to decompose its single composition, including rubber, steel wire and textiles. The ANDRITZ MeWa production line allows the raw materials to reach high purity through multi-step recovery processing, which can be recycled.

Primary crushing treatment: UC rotary cutter-crushing waste tires to the size of the palm (70-100mm)

Secondary crushing treatment: UG fine crusher-further crushing the primary crushed material to a size of 8-10mm

Fine crushing treatment: USM cutting and grinding machine-fine crushing to less than 4mm

Finely ground to rubber powder size

Separation and cleaning after each fine crushing treatment

Processing capacity: 3-20 tons/hour (different according to equipment model and feed composition)

Output material

Tire fragments

Rubber granules

Rubber powder

Steel wire



Practical process technology to ensure low operating costs through efficient process equipment

Single customer interface, the entire line, all sub-processes and equipment will be controlled by a unified source

Modular system design can customize solutions for special waste flow bodies

The crushing equipment can achieve the best shearing effect and the most ideal processing capacity

Extremely durable motors, blades and blades

The equipment parameters can be adjusted according to the output material quality and size requirements

Obtain pure output material fragments

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