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Waste tire recycling project

Times:2022-09-26   Author:zhengyangtire

Scrap tires are full of treasures, and all parts can be reused.

Waste tire rubber powder production line

1. The steel wire inside the tire and the bead bead ring can be returned to the furnace to make steel.

Second, the carcass can be made of rubber powder, reclaimed rubber, and paved runways.

3. The waste rubber carcass can be refined into diesel oil (but most of the current processes are not up to standard, the pollution is serious, and they are basically banned by the environmental protection department. This depends on the future process improvement)

Fourth, the relatively complete carcass can be stripped out of the inner layer to be used as a tire patch.

5. Small-sized carcasses can be directly processed into water basins, buckets, soles and some wear-resistant washers and cushions.

6. The complete large-sized carcass can be used by the ship to be tied to the side of the ship to buffer the direct collision of the hull when docking. The buffer obstacles at the corners of the car or motorcycle races are also piled up with waste tires to reduce the speed of the vehicle. Injuries to drivers behind the runway.

Seven, light truck tires, heavy duty tires, passenger tires, agricultural tires, engineering tires and even aircraft tires, most of which are structurally intact are used for refurbishment and reuse.

Specifically, there should be many places where waste tires are used. In short, tires are full of treasures.

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