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Waste Tire Recycling System

Times:2023-02-14   Author:zhengyangtire

The waste tire recycling and disposal system designed by the company includes disposal equipment such as tire shredding, steel wire separation, iron removal, and fiber separation. Further processing equipment such as granulators, rubber breakers, and pulverizers can also be added. The tire recycling and disposal production line runs automatically.

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Scrap tires are produced all over the world, from family cars and various work vehicles. Recycling waste tires, also known as “black gold mines” because of rubber, steel, carbon black and a variety of chemicals, is a mature and profitable business. Utilizing waste tires to make tire-derived fuel (TDF), rubber crumbs, rubber powder, and pyrolysis refining are a few representative recycling applications.

The professional and reliable waste tire recycling system designed by SUNY GROUP can process various types of waste tires (car tires & truck tires, bias tires & radial tires, pneumatic tires & solid tires, car tires ≤ 800mm & ≥ 900mm Car tires) for shredding, steel wire separation, iron removal, fiber separation, etc., which can help users obtain higher purity rubber powder, steel wire, fuel oil, combustible gas and carbon black, etc., compared with direct sales Scrap tires earn even higher returns.

The system is improved by fully combining the actual disposal experience of waste tires. The design structure is more compact, high-yield, low-consumption, low-noise, and intelligent. The back-end can be equipped with granulators, rubber breakers, and pulverizers, etc., to meet different product manufacturing needs. . Whether you are just starting the tire recycling business or need to expand your production scale, we can design rationalized disposal systems and equipment for you according to your actual situation.

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