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Waste tire rubber powder production line

Times:2024-01-19   Author:zhengyangtire

The full automation of waste tire rubber powder production line, waste tire recycling production line, and rubber granule production equipment is reflected in the one-stop production line process. It mainly uses an automated and intelligent production line process equipment line, and belt conveyor facilities are used to connect the host machine. A set of processes from tire cutting, block crushing, particle processing and grinding to fiber collection is a fully automated development.

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The waste tire rubber powder production line is often used to process waste car tires, steel tires, nylon tires and fiber tires. The waste tire grinding machine can recycle waste tires to a greater extent, process 10-40 mesh, 40-100 mesh rubber powder, separate steel wires from fibers, and separate rubber powder. Currently, there are 80 domestic methods of processing and separating tires. % are processed using this process.

Advantages and features:

1. The waste tire grinding mill is equipped with a water cooling system so that the finished rubber powder will not clump.

2. Equipped with two optional specifications: semi-automatic and fully automatic, which can be matched at will.

3. 10-100 mesh finished product specifications are available for optional applications.

4. Rubber powder is a necessary product for modified asphalt, reclaimed rubber, and waterproofing membrane raw materials.

5. The tire rubber powder equipment line has favorable prices, and on-site manufacturers can inspect it at any time.

6. The production capacity can be selected from 200kg per hour to 2000kg per hour and can be put into production at will.

7. The separation rate of the finished rubber powder and capillary steel wire of the waste tire grinding mill is over 99.8%.

8. Use environmental protection and noise reduction facilities, which can pass environmental impact assessment verification.

9. It is a green project for the recycling and reuse of waste tires. It is recognized by the industry and has great room for development.

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