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What are the equipment for making waste tires into pellets?

Times:2022-01-10   Author:zhengyangtire

The equipment for making waste tires into granules is to use the physical crushing method to convert the waste tire raw materials into 1-6mm uniform granules through a process of conveying, shredding, shearing and sorting. Now, the equipment for processing waste tires is made. A show description.

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Tire wire drawing machine: Use hydraulic tension to pull out the bezel steel wire of the tire. Since the bezel wire of the tire is relative, this tire wire drawing machine needs two operations to operate the bezel wire, and the bezel tire wire can be processed.

Conveyor: It plays a transmission role in the equipment for making waste tires into pellets, reduces manual pressure, and is used to connect the rear end of the wire drawing machine and the front end of the tire shredder.

Tire shredder: a device that smashes the whole tire after wire drawing into blocks. It is one of the important stand-alone configurations in the whole pellet processing.

Tire particle sorting system: a system for the reprocessing of block finished materials and the sorting of rubber and steel wire. This system consists of steel wire separator + rubber granulator + 3 vibrating screen platforms. The finished product is processed by the material opening under the vibrating screen platform.

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