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Plastic Pyrolysis to Oil Equipment Specifications

Times:2017-01-13   Author:zhengyangtire

Plastic pyrolysis to oil equipment can pyrolysis down of waste plastic to energy. Plastic pyrolysis to oil machine is an industry conducted pyrolysis . In the Scrap plastic pyrolysis to oil machine , the long- chain polymers break down into smaller chains of hydrocarbon gases and pyrolysis oils. Heat required for the catalytic reaction .
Plastic pyrolysis to oil equipment
Every year a large amount of plastic waste is discarded in the Earth. These plastic to with stand the natural process of decomposition of all. According to statistical analysis , Waste plastic generated more than 250 million tons each year. A lot of these plastic garbage is used to fill the land , which in turn may result in a waste land to create a major threat to the environment in the future. People use and dump waste plastics almost every day.
Waste plastic to oil Solution: Plastic pyrolysis to oil equipment specifications
Usage: Waste plastic Recycling to Fuel Oil
Input: Different plastic type, (PP,PE,PS,ABS) etc.
Output: 20%-95% fuel oil, 30%-35% carbon black , 5%-8% gas.
Heating material: coal/wood/fuel oil/natural gas
Machine cover area: usually 400 square meters.
Reactor material: Q245R Boiler plate.
What is fuel oil application?
Fuel oil from Plastic pyrolysis plant can be used as heating material to heavy industries, like cement factory, brick factory, glass making factory, boiler etc.

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