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Production and Application of Rubber Powder

Times:2018-01-31   Author:zhengyangtire

Tire powder is also called the crumb rubber powder, it is through the waste tyre crushing process. Ingredients natural vulcanized rubber and styrene-butadiene vulcanizates.

A complete set of tire crusher production line at room temperature processing waste tyre and waste rubber, also can according to user’s special raw material with independent dusting equipment in addition to the fiber. The advantages of small investment, low cost, large gains, simple operation, save time and effort, the characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Tire powder areas of application:

L, sports venues laying: the runway, the school playground, bowling alley, sidewalks, the kindergarten playgrounds and casino, tennis and basketball courts.

Article 2, the automotive industry: seal, shock absorber, shock absorber, the bottom of the car body sealing and stainless steel materials, splash and raw materials such as soil, sea daily, tires and tire inner pad.

3, the construction industry: the bathroom floor, insulated materials, carpet pad, waterproof material waterproof, shockproof, washer, roof and wall materials.

4, civil engineering, with a rubber processing of the laying of asphalt for roads and lanes, filter, porous soil regulate/road coverage, flushing, horse racing track and so on

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