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Professional used tyre pyrolysis plant

Times:2015-09-02   Author:zhengyangtire

Professional used tyre pyrolysis plant input 4 tonnes per hour. It will turn the waste tires into high quality, not contaminated the crumb rubber. It’s unique design allows customers to adjust the size precision screen output device of hierarchical control and flexibility. Our bread crumb rubber system also use a variety of transport and separation technology to reduce the product loss, maximum efficiency, maintain a clean operating environment.
Air systems including hurricanes and filtration system is also included. There is no harmful pollutants released during the process of generation and decomposition. Any other fiber or rubber, accumulate equipment can handle.
Professional used tyre pyrolysis plant advantages:
1. Sole control system used to control and operate the entire factory is located in the middle of the position and provide real-time visibility what each machine in real time.
2. Unique stop/auto reverse function protection.
Above is a simple introduction about the professional used tyre pyrolysis plant, the tyre recycling industry prospects, is a good investment project, if you are interested in our products you can contact us.

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