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Pyrolysis Project: Turn Waste into Energy Effectively

Times:2017-05-20   Author:zhengyangtire

Pyrolysis Project: Turn Waste into Energy Effectively, Industrial waste, medical waste and living waste are very common in our life, so people always use various methods to dispose them. The traditional method is incineration which can cause the serious air pollution and soil pollution, so the government has carried out the policy that forbids incinerating in many areas and advocated the green production and environmental protection. Many industries has invented the new method to respond the government policy.

The Pyrolysis Project has won good reputation in the whole industry, which can turn various materials into fuel oil and carbon black, such as plastics, tires, rubber, medical waste, oil sludge and so on. So the machine can be also called plastic to oil machine, tyre oil plant, etc.
Pyrolysis Project adopts the several purity filters which have met the international environmental standard. So we can thoroughly realize the green production, and the final products also have wide applications in our life: for example, the fuel oil that has high burning value can replace the coal directly, which not only saves energy but also protects the environment; the carbon black can be used as fuel for heating in many industries or further processed into high-quality N220,330,660 carbon black.
Besides, in recent years, our products have been exported to many countries and possesses rich sales experience, which has helped us build a stable market both at home and abroad.

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