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Pyrolysis technology to deal with waste rubber tyre “black pollution”

Times:2016-03-09   Author:zhengyangtire

The pollution caused by waste rubber tyre was known as the “black pollution”, and “black pollution” problem has always been a big problem in the tire industry, according to a recent news reports, now, a kind of waste rubber tyre by Pyrolysis technology is developed, and the technology through the reactor waste rubber limb tyre indium granule by catalytic cracking for cracking splitting gas, gasoline, diesel oil and heavy oil fractions, the residual solid can be processed for carbon black, all kinds of products after the examination, the physical and chemical indexes and performance meet the user requirements.
This is an effective way to reduce environmental pollution, waste. Since the 70 s, some industrial developed countries have set out to study the use of the waste tyre work. Japan and the United States, for example, will be as fuel for power generation or waste rubber tyre manufacturing cement, etc. But since the 90 s, many countries such as Britain, the United States is interested in the pyrolysis of waste rubber tyre technology, these countries have adopted high temperature cracking is around 1000, its disadvantage is high energy consumption, pyrolysis carbon black quality is poor and low yield. This work is to crush waste rubber tyre and then under the effect of catalyst, heated to a temperature of about 400, make its pyrolysis for cracking, cracking distillate oil, gas, and at the same time to react to generate carbon black. Cracking distillate oil by the fractional distillation gasoline, diesel oil and heavy oil can be obtained. After research and exploration process and operating conditions, has successfully realized industrialization, 2 years operation has achieved significant economic benefits. This process has low energy consumption, product quality is good, no pollutants discharge, and the advantages of simple process, easy operation control, is currently the world’s more advanced treatment technology of waste rubber tyre.
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