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Recycled Tire Powder Saves Energy

Times:2016-12-29   Author:zhengyangtire

Incineration is still widely used to dispose of discarded tires. A green way throuth tire recycling euqipment processes tires into micronized rubber powders (MRP) ,saving significant energy and lowering the cost of making new tires – and even some plastics.

Recycled tire powder saves energyThe powders are produced by flash freezing small chunks of industrial waste rubber with liquid nitrogen, and then grinding it through machinery that resembles a jet engine with teeth. The end product has many practical uses and saves resources.
Manufacturers that use MRP in their products save 30-40 percent over the cost of virgin materials and reduce oil consumption by 0.8 gallons for every pound of MPR that’s used.
New tires may contain a blend of up to 7 percent MRP, depending on their size (truck tires would contain more). Other rubber products such as the jigsaw floor tiles that are found at gymnasiums and convention centers could contain up to 40 percent MPR.
The potential applications go well beyond rubber; adding a sprinkling of MRP can enhance unrelated products. It is also used to make plastic storage containers, makes asphalt roads more resistant to the extreme temperatures, and can improve the effectiveness of an automobile’s foam insulation.
MRP offers nearly the same energy savings for plastics as it does with tires, but that claim has not yet been independently verified.This waste rubber could otherwise have been burnt at a cogeneration plant or used to make concrete. Approximately 50% of industrial rubber is disposed of this way.

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