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Product Information

Semi-Automatic Tyre Recycling Line main difference to Fully-Automatic Tyre Recycling Line, the main difference is that a Semi-automatic tyre recycling machine in terms of tyre shredding, need to add more manual labor, compared with the fully-automatic tyre recycling line price is low, can choose according to the customer's own specific conditions. Tire need to be cut circle, wire cutting, cutting, grinding processing, and then to gel breaking milling.

Applicable Raw Materials

Semi-Automatic Tyre Recycling Line is applicable to various types of waste tires, waste tire tube, waste rubber belt, waste rubber hose, and waste rubber overshoes.

Semi-Automatic Tyre Powder Production Line Applicable Raw Materials
Main Products

Semi-Automatic Tyre Recycling Line is a complete system, including the main equipment, Tyre Circular Cutter, Tyre Slitter, Tyre Dicer, Tyre Steel Separator, Rollers Rubber Mill, Fiber Separator, if you want to put the tyre powder size smaller, can increase the Micro rubber Grinding Unit, Centrifugal Screen Machine. The design of whole Semi-Automatic Tyre Recycling Line is simple, easy to maintain and repair.

Main Products
Production Process
Semi-Automatic Tyre Recycling Line
Semi-Automatic Tyre Recycling Line_Production Process
Final Products

By the Semi-Automatic Tyre Recycling Line, get the final product is rubber powder, fiber and steel wire, concrete rubber powder fineness (mesh) can be processed according to the needs of customers. We can offer different capacity of waste tyre recycling line from 500 kg/h, 800 kg/h and 1000 kg/h. The rubber powder size 10, 20 mesh, 30 mesh, 60 mesh, 80 mesh, and the Max 80 mesh.

Semi-Automatic Tyre Recycling Line_Final Products
Application of Rubber Powder

Tire to rubber granules is a promising recycling way which integrates environmental protection and resource recycling, and is also a scientific, reasonable and wide used important way of disposing waste rubber. Tire to rubber granules by Tire Recycling Equipment has no secondary pollution and the use rate of waste tire is 100%. The rubber powder also can extend to high added value and recycled new type products, such as stadium runway, waterproof roll, modified asphalt, rubber floor tile, etc. The development of rubber powder industry is the direction of waste tire comprehensive utilization, and is also the industry strongly supported by many countries in the world.

Semi-Automatic Tyre Powder Production Line Application of Rubber Granules
Cooperation And Development
Semi-Automatic Tyre Powder Production Line Cooperation And Development