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Semi-auto Waste Tyre Recycling machine

Times:2015-09-21   Author:zhengyangtire

Semi-auto Waste Tyre Recycling machine mainly according to the customer’s demand of renovation, its main function is used for recycling waste tyre, the recycling, including cutter, grinder, etc., mainly is recycled rubber powder or waste tires oil refining.
Semi-auto Waste Tyre Recycling machine features:
1. Input: from the whole piece of rubber block
2. The whole production line workers only need to put the tires on the conveyor belt, the rest of the fully automated. In order to ensure safety, the entire production line, you can arrange one or two workers patrol, high degree of automation, save a lot of manpower, high degree of safety.
3. Configuration is the ideal configuration of automatic production line, and can be configured according to the demand of customers. Customers can choose the corresponding configuration according to the production requirements.
Semi-auto Waste Tyre Recycling machine,Now more and more waste tires, at present the traditional way of recycling has a great impact on the environment, the emergence of waste tyre recycling machine has changed the status quo, is a very promising investment projects.

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