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Suggestions about how to avoid mistakes in buying used tire recycling machine

Times:2018-01-30   Author:zhengyangtire

We want to remind everyone that, for avoiding make mistakes, hope you can read below suggestions before you buy used tire recycling machines:

1). Do not Select Machines by Cheap Price. Everyone want good quality and cheap price machines, but if the machine price is too cheap, even cheaper than its manufacturing cost, that means the manufacturer must decreased the machine quality in making machines.

2). Do not Select Machines with Very Flowery Advertising. Because some companies very good at flowery advertising, who once invest in used tire recycling machines, normally buy some sample machines and copy in bulk and use Flowery Advertising to sell all copied machines promptly, then change to invest to other project, they do not have interests to do study or research at all, and when they copy machines, only can copy the machine’s external shape, can’t copy the machine inner essence.

3). Do not Pay Money to Personal Account Without Confirmation. Because in Nowadays Modern Society, all smart phones or computers has possibility to be invaded by hacker secretly, cause let out information and bring frauds, normally the hacker always following the communications between the seller and buyer secretly, once buyer ready to purchase, the hacker will tackle the seller’s offer, put fraud banking account on sellers offer to replace seller’s banking account by Photoshop. The fraud banking accounts normally are personal accounts, because when opening personal account only require ID and some banks did not check the personal ID strictly, so that they can use stolen ID or copied others’ ID to open personal banking account, and after every success fraud, the banking account will be closed by police soon. If use company banking account as fraud account, due to all banks check the company files strictly, so that once fraud happen, the company owner will be found and caught by police soon.

4). Do not invest too much at the beginning, because more investment amount not only means more benefits, but also means more risks, you can start from a small or middle size tire recycling plant, then expand step by step after you get enough experiences.

5). If you are ready to place the order, before you pay, you must visit the suppliers to confirm the quality is good.

Zhengyang Machinery mainly produce tire recycling equipment by their own innovative ideas, improve design process, greatly improved the production capacity. They configure tire recycling production line according to customer requirements and the actual situation.

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