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The application of scrap tire rubber powder

Times:2016-03-15   Author:zhengyangtire

Waste are mainly composed of waste tire rubber, waste tire recycling  is the production of rubber powder by tire recycling machine, and on the basis of the powder for other products as the main direction.
The application of the powder can be divided into two fields: one is the direct molding or with new rubber products and make it, it belong to the category of rubber industry; Second, in the broad application in the field of rubber industry. Now more and more manufacturers worldwide powder in alternative raw materials, not only conducive to environmental protection, and more important because of the use of rubber powder can effectively reduce the cost, improve performance, get other materials without effect.
The application of scrap tire rubber powder
One, reclaimed rubber factory is a large number of acquisitions of powder directly, the annual production of reclaimed rubber in more than 1 million tons, all parts have size scale of reclaimed rubber factory, the main raw material of rubber powder is reclaimed rubber.
Second, the color elastic floor tile Used for sports venues, can not only better play skills competition, can also will jump and equipment and other sports may cause harm to human body reduced to a minimum.
Three, production of waterproofing materials, waterproofing coating, waterproof sealing materials, etc Waterproof building materials waterproof coiled material is special rubber powder and asphalt, resin and other ingredients.
Fourth, road paving material With a rubber powder modified asphalt pavement highway and airport runway in developed countries has entered a practical stage, and has been developing rapidly. Due to powder contains antioxidants, which can obviously slow down the ageing process of the road, the road has the elasticity, reducing the noise, the surface wear resistance, water spalling resistance, resistance to abrasion life for ordinary road 2 to 3 times, reduce the pavement maintenance, at the same time, the vehicle’s braking distance shortened by 25%, improve the safety.
Five, with rubber powder for asphalt modified paved road application is very wide also. With the rubber powder modified asphalt paving roads in many developed countries into Canada, the United States, Belgium, France, the Netherlands and other countries have applied.
Six, used for modification of plastics by certain proportion to join after mixing, can direct extrusion.
Seven, used to build plastic sports venues, track, artificial turf. At present the dosage in exponentially.

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