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The Future and Meaning of Pyrolysis Equipment

Times:2017-02-21   Author:zhengyangtire

The rapid development of the plastic industry, and the special characteristics of the plastic products have made the white pollution a great threat to the environment and the human beings. It is estimated that China ranks 4th in the world in the production of plastic products, so it is also easy to imagine that the amount of the waste plastic products is also high.

Converting the plastic waste into fuel oil can not only solve the pollution problem, but can also create new energy. If half of the plastic waste can be fully recycled, then we can get 17500 tons fuel oil, whose value is 10 billion 500 million yuan. So the plastic to oil conversion plant is beneficial to both the environment and the society.
The sustainable development is the inevitable choice for the human being, and the environmental protection industry has been the sunrise industry with the awareness of environmental protection, so the waste recycling industry will have a good development space.

In addition, the waste tyre can also be the raw material of the pyrolysis machine, which accords with the environmental protection policy. There is no waste produced during the working process, and the combustible gas produced can also be recycled as energy.

The oil resource is very important to the development of the society and economy, and the price of the oil keeps increasing, thus investing a pyrolysis project is wise for you.

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