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The Rubber Tyre Project Feasibility Analysis

Times:2016-10-25   Author:zhengyangtire

Rubber, since the knowledge used by humans since its growing range of applications, almost all walks of life throughout human to human has brought great convenience, flexibility of the rubber because of its strong and good insulation, plasticity, confining trap, tensile and wear characteristics, widely used in industry, agriculture, defense, transportation, transportation, machinery manufacturing, medical and health fields and other aspects of daily life.

The Rubber Tyre Project Feasibility Analysis
However, rubber production by natural environmental conditions, production is slow, far behind the demand. In the rubber-producing countries, production area, while doing everything possible to increase production, it is also the use of science and technology to produce synthetic rubber, rubber to ease the contradiction between supply and demand. However, due to the growth in demand was too great and still not resolved. Demand for rubber use in China is big country, domestic natural rubber and synthetic rubber to meet the needs of only 1 / 4, had to import large quantities. As one of China’s demand growth is too large to meet the demand, the other as China’s rubber industry and automobile industry, a large number of scrap tires and scrap rubber have continued to increase.
As the rubber is not easy to corruption, making scrap rubber growing mountains, has become a major environmental health hazard, and getting worse. With the development of science and technology, use of waste rubber processing fine powder production, application and promotion have been used more and more accepted by manufacturers, and have achieved encouraging economic benefits. Especially in recent years, the application of powder technology and scope of development is very rapid. Scrap rubber waste materials, the state has adopted preferential policies to encourage the development of waste rubber powder production, provideing a more favorable prerequisites for powder manufacturer .
At present, 20-40 goal fine rubber powder price in 1800-2400 Yuan/ton, the rubber powder enterprise also has the considerable profit. According to the authoritative analysis of the rubber industry, the current rubber prices still has the big space. The pertinent data indicated that the rubber supply and demand contradiction solves with difficulty in the quite long time, the supply and demand contradictory will pass through throughout in the rubber profession development entire process.
As for the elasticity of soft rubber material, making it more difficult to powder processing, especially in the production of fine powder processing. Therefore, the state will fine chemical industry production and application of powder included in the national key research projects. After years of unremitting efforts, China has been able to produce up to 200 fine rubber powder of the purpose of
1.Waste rubber powder, has the following advantages:
2.Reduce the rubber industry, raw material costs, substantially improve the economic efficiency of enterprises
3.Clean sanitation, the waste rubber waste to treasure, so the social benefits immeasurable
The application of rubber powder
1 The powder made by desulfurization reclaimed rubber production sheet used in the manufacture of machinery pad, pad, cushion and other types of gasket and a fender, sound-absorbing materials on mechanical performance requirements is not high and low-grade product
2. The colored elastic floor tile uses the worn out rubber the rubber powder rubber pellet which becomes after the clean disinfection processing regeneration, suppresses by the two-course construction becomes, the first floor is the base, the surface layer coloration, each level clearly demarcated and unified whole, namely has the functionality, also has the cosmetic, it has overcome the flinty floor tile shortcoming, can cause the user when walks or the activity, throughout is at the safe comfortable physiology and the psychology, the foot feeling is comfortable, body and mind relaxation. Uses in laying down the sports ground, not can only the better display player’s skill, but can also jump and the instrument movement and so on possibly the injury which creates to the human body reduces to the lowest degree. Lay down in the old age and the children movement place, can plays the good protective function to old person and child’s safety. The most major characteristic is: The skid prevention, the absorption of shock, wear-resisting, the anti-static electricity, the deafen, sound-insulated, separate the tide, to separate, the heat insulation coldly, does not reflect light, water resistant, the fire protection, non-toxic, does not have the emission, to bear Hou Xingqiang, the anti-aging, the life is long, easy to clean, easy to construct and so on.
3. Produce waterproof membrane, waterproof coating, waterproof waterproof building materials such as sealing materials special waterproofing membrane and asphalt rubber powder, resins and other raw materials, mixing, to create a waterproof membrane anti-aging performance, with good mechanical
4. Road construction materials, rubber powder modified asphalt highway and runway pavement in developed countries have entered the practical stage, and has been growing rapidly. As the powder containing antioxidants, which can significantly slow down the aging roads, so that the road has the flexibility to reduce the noise, road wear resistance, spalling resistance of water, wear life 2-3 times the normal road surface, reducing the road maintenance costs, while the vehicle braking distance by 25%, increased security
5. Modified asphalt used for asphalt when the asphalt rubber powder manufacturing, and asphalt, bitumen oil, and condensation agent with good raw material blending. The manufacture of the paving asphalt surface abrasion resistance, spalling resistance greatly improved wear life of an ordinary road 2 – 3 times, reduce road maintenance costs 30 – 50%. According to the test: The 8000 cars per day traffic using the 5-year, non-white, weak, pushing pro package and the cracking phenomenon, and make the vehicle braking distance by 25%, can significantly improve road safety. With the manufacturing of asphalt caulking ointment effectively improve the product softening point, increasing the low temperature extension.
6. For adding a certain proportion of modified plastics plastic mixing, can be directly extruded. The experiment: the modified plastic mixing and extrusion process to improve performance; products greatly improve the application performance.
7. Plastic for the construction of sports venues, track, artificial turf. Doubling the amount in the current.
8. Solid wall for plugging in the practical field, the other bond classes, aggregate-based raw materials with good performance.
9. Add track for the railroad said precast concrete mixture before adding a certain percentage added by adding the required use of various types of high-grade concrete products, direct casting molding. Present purposes is to create road-rail trains, special occasions of the wall, base and other special occasions.
10. Highway highway caulk caulk special rubber powder and asphalt, bitumen oil, fillers and coagulant both dry and wet adhesion were good blend, filled with the product to fill the gap of full, water-blocking, anti-flaking much higher tear resistance in winter and summer thaw resistance performance by 40%.
11 Used in the shoe-making rubber powder manufacture soles, added with a certain proportion, direct mixing used to suppress all kinds of shoe. The experiment: powder after adding rubber soles, comprehensive physical properties without powder glue is very close; the mixing and pressing technology of extrusion properties are improved; the raw material cost reduced; making finished sole by the relevant performance testing, are in line with national standards.
12 Waste rubber powder and waste plastic powder mixture manufacturing new environmental protection of thermoplastic elastomer. New environmental protection thermoplastic rubber elastomers particle, it has the low cost (than in the original rubber elastomers particle reduce raw material cost two-thirds), processing convenient, thermoplastic good. Above hardness, breaking elongation and fracture tension, strength, cold resistant index according to customer requirements can use any adjustment, used to sole, elastic rubber floor brick, rubber pipes etc the original thermoplastic rubber elastomers of all the areas of application.
Our country is a big country, domestic demand rubber use natural rubber and synthetic rubber only to satisfy domestic demand and have to import a lot of a quarter. Market, more than three-fourths of huge gap. Along with the rapid development of economy, the rubber production and usage is more and more big, the gap between demand and is a long-term problems. But because of waste rubber powder fineness short of asks, promotion at a slow pace. Now a new technology and crushing equipment at room temperature, to mechanical and physical FenSuiFa, need not add any chemical raw materials, fine uniform, the powder in the machining process of the nature of the rubber stable, can be used in large quantities of rubber products, according to the performance requirements of products which can be mixed with 10 to 80%, or even higher (car mat tire, rubber runway grassroots can amount to 100%).
Factories Conditions
To build a annual output of 1000-2500 tons of the rubber factory built workshop of 110-300 square (> 7 meters wide, > 15 meters long) height 4-5 meters, electric power 80 110 KV transformer, workers 2-nine people. The equipment investment-300000, 10 liquidity is not limited. When a factory for equipment noise about 80 db, should consider the situation.
Benefit Analysis
Each processing one ton of waste tires cost
Electricity: 240 degrees * 0.8 yuan (price) = 192 yuan / ton
Wage: 70 yuan / ton
Equipment maintenance: 15 yuan / ton
Management fee: 10 yuan / ton
Other fee: 35 yuan / ton
Total: processing costs 322 yuan / ton
2, Market Analysis
24 – 30 head powder market price 1900–2150 yuan / ton
Tyre steel wire market price 2200 yuan / ton
Ring steel market price 3200 yuan / ton, processed into particles for the production of sandblasting peen.
3, Sales income
Each ton scrap tire may produce approximately:
Powder:700 kg * 1.9 yuan / kg = 1330 yuan
Thin wire :230 kg * 2.15 yuan / kg = 495 yuan
Coil wire :70 kg * 3.2 Yuan / kg = 224 yuan
Total: 2049 yuan
Each ton steel wire embryo 900-1200 model recovery prices: 1500 Yuan/tons
Sales profit: 2049 Yuan (sales revenue) the – 1500 Yuan (scrap tire recovery price) the – 322 Yuan (processing cost) the =227 Yuan (each ton scrap tire processing rubber powder may attain net profit)
450 type scrap tire rubber production units, for four to six tons, according to the 5 tons of calculation, the daily profit of about 1135 yuan, for 300 days a year, working days to produce 1500 tons of, the value of 3.07 million yuan (2049 yuan sales income * 1500 tons), the profit for the year for 340000 yuan ($227 profit * 1500 tons).

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