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The significance of waste tyre recycling

Times:2016-06-30   Author:zhengyangtire

According to reports, the world’s currently accumulated automobile waste tyre has amounted to 3 billion, and the number is growing at an annual rate of 1 billion. The waste car tires caused the “black pollution”. How to deal with the waste tires has become a important problem.
Along with the development of the automobile industry, the demand of people for car increases, the amount of waste tires is also rising, pile up a lot of scrap tire has a great harm, such as easy to breed mosquitoes spread disease, the serious deterioration of natural environment, destroying vegetation, seriously endanger the earth ecological environment.
Traditional way of tire processing method is through the burning, easy to cause fire extremely easily, and pollution to the environment is too big, how to deal with the “black pollution” is the hot topic of each country.
Waste tyre pave the way to start a new life
This new method of waste tyre recycling originated in the 60 s of the United States – through the tire recycling machine production for rubber powder, put the rubber powder added to the asphalt, the road has many characteristics, such as non-slip, little noise.
Made of solid waste fuel
Waste tires is a kind of high grade material, the calorific value of per kilogram is 69% higher than wood,First of all, to crush the waste tires, then according to certain proportion mixing various combustible waste material made from solid waste fuel (RDF), solid waste fuels can replace coal, oil and coke, etc.

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