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The Use of Scrap Tire Rubber Powder

Times:2015-11-06   Author:zhengyangtire

The Use of Scrap Tire Rubber Powder
1. Tire Production
As early as 1953, the United States has utilized rubber powder with certain particle size into the production of tire. In 1989, Qingdao Rubber Factory became the first company adopting rubber powder in tire production. At present, instead of using tire rubber powder on mesh 40 and 60, some Chinese tire manufacturers have already used tire rubber powder on mesh 80 in the production of tire, which proved to be very effective.
2. Rubber Brick
Recycled tires can be made into rubber bricks, which are slip-resistant and perfectly for public stadium and gymnasium, daycare centers, churches, shopping malls, utility areas, walkways, garages and around swimming pools.
3. Expressway
It has been found that adding rubber powder modified paving asphalt on road surface can reduce the cracking and softening of the road surface, what’s more, the road is not easy to freeze or skid. So, it will enhance the driving security and improve the pavement service life, then the average service life of the asphalt surface at least doubled. 1.63 kilometers of road surface can consume 10000 waste tires. Just like paving the expressway , if doping with vulcanized rubber powder in the material of paving airstrip, it can increase the elasticity of the airstrip and ground friction resistance, improve the ability of resisting aging?from?sun exposure in summer and freezing in winter so as to make the aircraft take-off and landing smoothly and enhance the safety and reliability, shorten the runway, and extend the service life the airport.
4. Elastic Sports Ground
It’s reported that the rubber powder a tennis court consumed was equivalent of 500 tires , the rubber powder consumed in a comprehensive sports ground used for Track and Field Events was equivalent of thousands of waste tires. There is no doubt that the development of such sports grounds is an important way of promoting the application of the rubber powder. The track for athletic running in the Asian Games held in our country is just a plastic one made from rubber materials.
5. Waterproofing Materials
In 1986, the former Soviet union successfully applied the rubber powder in sound insulation compound floor integrated by rubber asphalt waterproofing materials, inorganic insulation coil and three-layer plate
and other building materials. Since the 1990s, coarse powder began to be generally used for waterproofing materials in north area of China, which promoted the application of rubber powder in the field of architecture.
6. Sound-proof Wall
Sound-proof wall is a kind of sound-proof device located in the residential areas along the highways, airports, construction sites in order to reduce the nose. Composite sound-proof walls made of rubber powder possess good noise reflectivity and sound-absorbing, and also have higher weathering and stress resistance, with the characteristics of low weight as per unit area and easily being transported, assembled and disassembled.

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