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Tires pollution problems should be attention

Times:2016-02-16   Author:zhengyangtire

Now disused tires can be seen everywhere, the tyres have use value? Is a collection? Or scrap?
For this problem, check data can be found that the waste tires in the world has become a new pollution. In recent years, the old tires were rising dramatically. A statistics show that by 2020, global output will reach hundreds of millions of tons of waste tires. This “black pollution” to the already fragile ecological environment. Therefore, control the pollution caused by waste tires is imminent.
Waste tyre has increased dramatically
Due to the rapid development of automobile industry, at the same time also waste tires is increased dramatically. According to statistics of the ministry of environmental protection, by the end of 2014, China’s motor vehicle has a total of 264 million cars, among them 154 million cars, motor vehicle drivers exceed 300 million people. As cars are more and more people are buying, cars have been showing a tendency of rapid growth. However, with the popularity of cars, waste such as old tires also increase gradually, and continue to increase.
China’s tire production has been ranked among the top of the world for 10 years in a row, a year of waste tires is also one of the world’s first. It suggests that China’s waste rubber and waste tyre generation will be more and more. According to incomplete statistics, in 2013, China’s waste tyre production has reached 299 million, weight 10.8 million tons, and at an annual rate of about 8% ~ 8% in growth.
The above data in surprise at the same time also let people deeply worried, cause the safety accidents caused by waste tires is in recent years, we see an endless such as fire caused by a large number of long-term accumulation of waste tires, and so on. It also confirms our deeply worried about this, it is a matter of people living environment problem, hope to have more people to participate in tyre recycling, for our own contributions to environmental causes.
The countries in the world today for tires pollution response, encourage people to participate in tyre recycling, at present can be recycled through tire recycling machine, mainly divided into the rubber powder and tyre pyrolysis, the main undertake choosing according to the national conditions of different countries.

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