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tires recycling machinery rubber powder production line

Times:2014-12-05   Author:zhengyangtire

tires recycling machinery rubber powder production line

1. Powder made by the desulfurization process will be reclaimed rubber production sheet material used in the manufacture of machine pads, roadbed mat, cushion etc. Various washers, fenderboard, sound-absorbing materials not high demand of the mechanical properties of low-grade products.
2. Color elastic floor tile, elderly and young children in sports field laid, to the safety of adults and children play good protection. The biggest characteristic is to: prevent slippery, shock absorption, wear-resisting, antistatic, sound insulation, sound insulation, every tide, lie between cold, heat insulation, do not glance, water resistant, fire, non-toxic, no radiation, strong weatherability, anti-aging, long life, easy to clean, easy construction, etc.
3. Production waterproofing materials, waterproofing paint, waterproof and sealed material, etc.
4. Road alignment materials, rubber powder modified asphalt pavement of high grade highway and the runways in developed countries has entered the practical stage, and have developed rapidly.
5. Used for modified asphalt, made modified asphalt pavement pavement abrasion resistance, spalling resistance, resistance to wear greatly improve life for ordinary pavement 2 — 3 times, lower pavement maintenance costs 30-50%.
6. Used to build plastic sports venues, runway, artificial turf.
7. For track rails add concrete prefabricated mixing added before adding the required to add a certain proportion of all kinds of high-grade USES concrete products, direct casting forming. At present is used to manufacture the train rails and special occasions fence, special occasions such as the base.
8. Anointed highway highway caulking caulking cream special rubber powder and asphalt, asphalt oil, packing and condensation of dry and wet agent whatever are blending good bonding, with the product fill aperture fill sex, resistance with water resistance, spalling resistance, greatly improve the tensile properties and winter summer anti melts variable performance increased by 40%.
9. With a rubber powder manufacture for shoe soles, according to a certain proportion, directly after joining mixed refine used to neutralize all kinds of sole.
10. Waste rubber powder and waste plastic powder mixture manufacturing new environmental protection of thermoplastic elastomer.

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