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Tyre pyrolysis plan:100% recycled waste tires

Times:2016-06-23   Author:zhengyangtire

The pollution caused by waste rubber tyre was known as the “black pollution”, and “black pollution” problem has always been a big problem in the tire industry, but recent news, now, a kind of waste rubber tyre by catalytic cracking technology is developed, and the technology through the reactor waste rubber limb tyre indium granule by catalytic cracking for cracking splitting gas, gasoline, diesel oil and heavy oil fractions, the residual solid can be processed for carbon black, all kinds of products after the examination, the physical and chemical indexes and performance meet the user requirements.
Tire pyrolysis plant working process:
First will waste tires into the reactor, in catalytic cracking reaction under a certain temperature and pressure. Then the reaction product to gas-solid separator separation, solid material by the continuous discharging machine to grinding section, winnowing become carbon black products after grinding. Gas-solid separator from oil and gas in the condenser and the fractionating column, separate the cracking gas, gasoline, diesel oil fraction and heavy fractions.
Solve the problem of waste tires pollution, waste rubber tyre pyrolysis plan is an effective way to reduce environmental pollution.
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