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Tyre pyrolysis plant to promote waste tyre recycling

Times:2016-07-27   Author:zhengyangtire

According to statistics, at present the backlog of global auto waste tyre has amounted to 3 billion, a year is growing at a rate of 1 billion. The accumulation of a large number of waste tires not only takes up land, environmental pollution, harm to residents’ health, but also easy to cause fire, causing huge waste of resources, is a kind of harm more and more “black pollution”, has become a very pressing environmental and social problems.
Tyre pyrolysis plant to promote waste tyre recycling
At present there are many ways to waste tyres recycling can be roughly divided into prototype direct use, renovate tires, rubber powder recycling, Energy use and tire pyrolysis, the tire pyrolysis is one of the latest tyre recycling technology, to promote the tyre recycling played a important role.
Tyre pyrolysis plant is in lack of oxygen or inert gas incomplete thermal degradation process, liquid or gaseous hydrocarbons and solid product can be produced (carbon black and steel wire). Cracking the fuel oil and solid product as energy sold in the market, the market prospect is good. Pyrolysis technology is the most effective treatment technology of waste tyres recycling, represents the development direction of recycling waste tire today.
Tyre pyrolysis plant of the production process in the airtight device; Heating system by flue gas recycling technology, reduce fuel consumption, reduce flue gas emissions, accord with energy conservation and emissions reduction policy; After purification of flue gas emissions standards. This production line achieve the security, environmental protection, low consumption, high efficiency, large capacity of waste tyres recycling schemes.

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