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Tyre Pyrolysis : The Another Tire Recycling Way

Times:2017-02-05   Author:zhengyangtire

Tyre Pyrolysis Plant: The Another Tire Recycling Way, Pyrolysis has been a subject of great concern in the world for many years, and it is also one chemical method of deep renewable processing and utilization as well as technical content. In recent years, the scientists from the US, Japan and European countries have specialized research reports. The technology began to shape and is becoming mature.
The Japanese have successfully got useful chemical materials through 500-900℃ high temperature pyrolysis in 1993. We can get 60kg combustible gas, 400kg high boiling oil, 340kg carbon black, 50kg steel wire, 15kg water and 5kg sludge from 1t waste tires, and the material recovery can reach as high as 90%. The Korean have got 40%-50% fuel oil and 30% carbon black in the high temperature heating by mixing waste tires and waste oil in 1:2 ratio.
The German adopted continuous pyrolysis technology and established pyrolysis plant in the early of 1980s. They used waste tires, waste rubber, waste plastics as raw materials for pyrolysis and obtained carbon black, fuel oil, combustible gas, steel wire, etc.
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