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Uniform waste rubber tyre grinder machine

Times:2015-10-28   Author:zhengyangtire

Uniform waste rubber tyre grinder machine,Rubber tyre grinder machine is used to crush the pieces of rubber into rubber powder evenly and it is part of the waste rubber recycling system, rubber powder can be directly sold to processing factory.
Uniform waste rubber tyre grinder machine Structure and Principle:
Tis Rubber tyre grinder machine is composed of crushing mainframe.Mainframe is made up of frame.main motor,variable speed motor,feeding and adjusting device,a couple of active fluted disc and fixed fluted disc.Fundamental:cut and mill the materials,by relative movement between two disc.Adopt wind cooling and water cooling to control the crushing temperature to assure the quality of the materials.Feeding adopts the variable speed motor,adjusting the feeding speed to the best quality as different materials.
Uniform waste rubber tyre grinder machine Features
The machine is compact structure,low noise,high output,low energy consumption,easy operation,easy to install and move,non-pollution,fineness uniform of powder etc.
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