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Used rubber/waste tyre recycling machine

Times:2015-08-22   Author:zhengyangtire

Used rubber/waste tyre recycling machine,Along with the increase of cars, waste tyre also increasing all the time. because the rubber not perishable, so waste tyre very pollution of the environment, and more and more serious.
There are three waste tyre recycling method : burning, pyrolysis oil and rubber powder.Rubber powder for environmental pollution and the influence is the lowest, and freshwater, as well as their contributions to environmental causes.
Used rubber/waste tyre recycling machine products use:
1. Rubber granulator made by the desulfurization process will be reclaimed rubber production sheet material used in the manufacture of machine pads, roadbed mat, cushion etc. Various washers, fenderboard, sound-absorbing materials not high demand of the mechanical properties of low-grade products.
2. Production waterproofing materials, waterproofing paint, waterproof and sealed material, etc.
3. Used for modified asphalt, made modified asphalt pavement pavement abrasion resistance, spalling resistance, resistance to wear greatly improve life for ordinary pavement 2 — 3 times, lower pavement maintenance costs 30-50%.
4. Used to build plastic sports venues, runway, artificial turf.
5. With a rubber granule manufacture for shoe soles, according to a certain proportion, directly after joining mixed refine used to neutralize all kinds of sole.

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