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Used Tires is Harmful Waste Must Be Recycled

Times:2017-08-29   Author:zhengyangtire

Used Tires is a big category of solid waste, and it is one of the most hazardous waste on the earth. It deteriorate Natural environment, destruct vegetation growth, affect human health, and endanger the earth ecosystem, etc, caused a series of environmental problems.

Usual solid waste disposal methods, such as landfill, incineration, etc., don’t apply to the waste tires, because waste tires is elastic polymer material, its macromolecular decomposition to does not affect plant growth in the soil takes hundreds of years, smoke and carbon dioxide released by burning will pollute atmospheric seriously.

A growing number of waste tires in open air for a long time, not only takes up a lot of land, breed mosquitoes to transmit diseases, but also easy to cause fire. With the rapid development of automobile industry, more and more waste tires is threatening human survival environment,have reached the point we have to face seriously.

Waste tire is the harmful waste but it’s also the valuable resource. The waste tires by tyre powder production line can get rubber powder, the rubber powder can be applied to many fields, in addition to these, but also can be by tyre pyrolysis plant to get the oil, it is a new kind of energy, reduce the use of oil.

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