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Waste old tire tyre rubber recycling machine equipment

Times:2015-11-24   Author:zhengyangtire

Waste old tire tyre rubber recycling machine equipment,With the rapid development of society, waste household appliances, PE, rubber, wood, plastic, cans, scrap metal, etc.These items are increasing, and caused great pollution to the environment. It is a serious problem for our country and many regions.
Waste old tire tyre rubber recycling machine equipment Features:
1. our company has developed various types of shredding machines, it can directly put tire waste into the machine, through the blade rotation, making the waste tire material into small pieces or particles, then recycling, which saves the cost and also protect the environment.
2.The models are mainly single transmission, two-axis double transmission and advanced extrusion feed four axis transmission.
3.This machine is composed by the spindle fixed blade knife, bearing box and cabinet,box supporter, electric system and electric control system.
Waste old tire tyre rubber recycling machine equipment characteristics:
1.Automatic reverse protection function, intelligent protection and energy,efficient.
2.Thick knife,High crushing efficiency.
3.The knife and blade are made of alloy steel,so it is strong,long life.
4.The Iron frame plate is thick,High torque resistance,very strong.
5.Easy to adjust,Low maintenance cost,economic and durable.
Waste old tire tyre rubber recycling machine equipment working principle:
Waste material can be sent to the shredder body through the automatic feeding machine(feeding machine equipped with according to customer requirements),the main shaft of blade gets the medium speed rotation by motor, reducer,and then the waste material becomes the smaller pieces by cutting, squeezing, pressing, tearing way,coming out of the discharging hopper. in order to avoid the damage to the motor in the ultra currents,the electrical appliances equipped with protection function,configuration motor monitor, monitor the motor running current, surpassed the motor current, the host began to reverse about adjustable (10 seconds), after the material out, the host automatically forward again.

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