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Waste plastic recycling industry prospect analysis

Times:2016-08-31   Author:zhengyangtire

Since the 21st century, along with the application of plastic, plastic products consumption increasing, waste plastic is also growing. Plastic waste surge and the resulting notable social and environmental problems. How to resolve the pollution caused by waste plastic and waste plastic, is imminent.
Waste plastic recycling industry prospect analysis
According to statistics, the global plastic consumption is growing at 8% a year, 2030 plastic consumption will reach 700 million tons. In this context, waste plastics recycling industry arises at the historic moment. Through to the waste plastic recycling, regeneration and utilization of minimizing waste plastics pollution to the environment.
Plastic pyrolysis plant to solve the problem. this equipment use the dry distillation principle, adopt scientific airtight production process, can maximize the waste, and does not produce secondary pollution. Put the waste into after cracking furnace, according to the operation procedures, can safely get oil successfully.
In the whole process, which exhaust after purification treatment to burning in the hearth, this shall not flow of gas at room temperature does not emit into the atmosphere, at the same time, the burning in the hearth smoke will be handled with more advanced dust removal device. The device has excellent configuration, larger limit use of energy, use less combustion value to obtain larger thermal efficiency.
To sum up, the broad prospects for waste plastics recycling industry, is a very good investment projects.

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