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Waste rubber tyre whole shredder machine

Times:2015-10-26   Author:zhengyangtire

Waste rubber tyre whole shredder machine,Whole tyre shredder machine is mainly used in whole tire shredding of common tires and meridian tires,At the general temperature, can be put directly into the tyre antrum coarse crushing into 50 * 50 mm block, so the next rotating can grind into 10-30 meshes tagma or wire and fiber separation equipment.
Waste rubber tyre whole shredder machine Features:
1.The cutter head is consists of knife hook and the knife edge, the knife hook is used for hooking the tire and the working surface of cutter head is welded with wearable hardened alloy, which is corrosion proof and durable.
2.The mixing chamber adopts composite structure; the cutter arbor adopts rolling bearing. The assembly and maintenance is very convenient.
3.The transmission system has hard tooth flank planet reducer, which has compact structure, low noise and high efficiency.
4.The said machine has such characteristics as compact conformation, reasonable arrangement and reliable operation. The installation and maintenance is also easy.
Waste rubber tyre whole shredder machine Principle:
Whole tyre shredder machine motor drive through planetary gear reducer with a strong cutting torque, at gerenal temperature, continuous cutting, pressing, frustrated, after grinding, crushing the material into the cutting room the initial cut into blocks, the automatic sorting sieve screen, broken qualified material output, the rest of the larger materials with other materials to be broken again with the broken back to cutting room, and so forth until the output of qualified circulation of materials.

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