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Waste tire carbon black how to efficient use will be solved

Times:2016-04-21   Author:zhengyangtire

Recently, the German Pyrolyx international company with a well-known tire manufacturers signed a joint development agreement, cooperation development recycled carbon black in the application of the tires. Although Pyrolyx didn’t disclose the tire manufacturer’s name, but indicated it is one of the top five global tire industry.

According to the agreement, both sides should jointly develop can be widely used in all kinds of tires recycled carbon black.

The joint development agreement another goal is to explore the further application of high temperature pyrolysis process of the pyrolysis oil, in order to improve the technology of environmental benefits.

Cooperation the two sides believe that the tyre pyrolysis plant than the other waste tires into today’s technology has more potential.

Despite several global waste tires as raw material, USES the high temperature pyrolysis technology, recycled carbon black enterprises, however, due to the original waste tires contain a variety of different carbon black, plus a part of the polymer in the process of pyrolysis carbonization, causes the quality of the produce recycled carbon black on the low side, reinforcing performance is poorer.

Therefore, the current commercially available recycled carbon black, only as a general packing, mostly used in low-grade rubber or plastic products, its consumption is also difficult to improve.

How will the recycled carbon black used for high quality reinforcing material for the production of new tires, has always been the pursuit of the ultimate goal of waste tire recycling industry.

Pyrolyx company’s high temperature pyrolysis technology in the field of waste tyres recycling carbon black has been in a leading position. This long-term cooperation partnership, to expand the waste tyres recycling of carbon black in the global tire industry sales to lay a good foundation.

Agreement confirmed in the two companies, their goal is to establish “from waste tire to sing sing” closed loop, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and save oil resources, realize sustainable development.

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