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Waste Tire Recycling Machine Market Development Prospect

Times:2018-03-28   Author:zhengyangtire

The means of recycling waste tire is that separate the inner steel wire and fiber from waste tire through all kinds of technology and granulate the rubber block into powder. Waste tire recycling equipment is suitable to international development and management way. It merit on that can recovery the waste tire to rubber reaching to the availability 100% and use the rubber in recycle.

Owing to no second pollution in production process, it is really recycling rubber and long duration development. It is a future developing mold that emerge the protection environment and reuse resource through product rubber powder from waste tires.

The rubber powder are widely used and hardly coverage all lines. It can replace the materials such as plastic and PVC, instead of nature rubber, is rebirth tires.It is used in sport runway and shoe sole. It sole can be used in highway, air trip as well as third generation railway sleeper as modification asphalt.

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