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Waste Tire Recycling Is Changing Harmful Into Valuable Projects

Times:2017-05-11   Author:zhengyangtire

Waste Tires is a big category of solid waste, and it is one of the most hazardous waste on the earth. It deteriorate Natural environment, destruct vegetation growth, affect human health, and endanger the earth ecosystem, etc, caused a series of environmental problems.

Usual solid waste disposal methods, such as landfill, incineration, etc., don’t apply to the waste tires, because waste tires is elastic polymer material, its macromolecular decomposition to does not affect plant growth in the soil takes hundreds of years, smoke and carbon dioxide released by burning will pollute atmospheric seriously.

A growing number of waste tires in open air for a long time, not only takes up a lot of land, breed mosquitoes to transmit diseases, but also easy to cause fire. With the rapid development of automobile industry, more and more waste tires is threatening human survival environment,have reached the point we have to face seriously.

Used Tires is a valuable Resources.

On the other hand, used tire is also a kind of recyclable resource, the recycling value is huge.

You can get Recycled Rubber Powder, Recycled Tire Beads, Recycled Tire Steel Wire, and Recycled Tire Fiber from waste tires, all of these are expensive and shortage resources, demand exceeding supply in market, you can sell them very easily.

The Recycled Rubber Powder is the best surrogate products of Natural rubber, it is the it can be used to make almost any rubber products, some products can made of 100% recycled rubber, such as Rubber Mats, rubber cushion mats, rubber coil mat, rubber playground, livestock floor and wall mat, roof tiles, rubber racetrack, various rubber tiles, etc, some products can use some percent of recycled rubber as addictive, such as making new auto tires, motor tires, bike tires, road pavement, etc. If using recycled rubber as addictive, it will improve the products quality, for example, the auto tires use recycled rubber as additive will be more wearable, and road paved with recycled rubber as additive will lower noise and enlarge the road life, etc, many more other uses.

The Recycled Tire Beads (bunches of thick steel wring) can be used to make screen net, elastic spring, Cast-Steel Shot, etc, many more other uses, for example, used as tire beads to make new tires or sold to casting factory to make other steel products, etc.

The Recycled Tire Steel Wire (Crushed Tire Steel Ply) can be used as Cast-Steel Shot, or sold to casting factory to make other steel products, etc.

The Recycled Tire Fiber (Crushed Tire Fiber Ply) can be used to make Industrial Fabric or Construction Fabric, or be made into Nylon Granules, then make other nylon products, such as Nylon wheel, Nylon Plug, etc.

Used Tire Recycling Is Changing Harmful Into Valuable Projects

From above description, you can see that conducting used tire recycling is really changing waste into treasure and making harmful into valuable projects.

Eliminating the environmental pollution caused by used tire and realizing used tire resource recycling is very important and it is already become one of the great concerns around the world.

To be pleased, many far-sighted people around the world, willing to engage in used tire and other used rubber products recycling industries to make contributions to environmental protection, but suffer from lacking professional knowledge in this field, always made wrong decisions, some even spend large sum of money bought poor quality or immature tire recycling equipment, which cannot create profits at all, so that have to lay aside as waste steel.

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