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Waste tire recycling equipment use

Times:2015-08-27   Author:zhengyangtire

Waste tire recycling equipment use,Waste tire recycling equipment is mainly the waste scrap rubber, such as discarded tires, rubber extract out, then shattered into rubber powder, can undertake processing can also be sold.
Out of the rubber powder is manufactured by Waste tire recycling equipment will be reclaimed rubber material used in the manufacture of machine cushion, cushion, cushion for leaning on, etc. All kinds of washers, fender, sound-absorbing materials mechanical properties of the demand is not high low-grade products.
Waste tire recycling equipment use:
1. The production of waterproof material, waterproof coating, waterproof and sealing materials, etc.
2. Highway alignment materials, rubber particles modified asphalt pavement highway and airport runway in developed countries has entered a practical stage, and rapid development.
3. Used in modified asphalt, modified asphalt pavement wear-resisting, spalling resistance, abrasion resistance greatly improve the life of ordinary road 2-3 times, pavement maintenance cost down 30-50%.

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