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Waste tire recycling machine to solve the environmental pollution of the waste tires

Times:2016-05-25   Author:zhengyangtire

According to the survey found that the world each year, millions of waste tires and growing annually at double-digit rates. If the improper handling of waste tires will generate serious environmental pollution, but also caused the serious waste rubber resources.
Will be made waste tires powder not only solved the problem of environmental pollution, and waste tires but also produced a kind of recycling resources, make the rubber resources comprehensive utilization to some extent, the sustainable development.
The application of rubber powder:
1, the stadium runway, runways, golf course, all made use of waste rubber powder.
2, waterproof building materials industry: the waterproof coil material such as rubber asphalt, waterproof ointment and so on.
3, highways: pure asphalt in the past, now the country’s high-grade pavement must be mixed with powder, which decrease the cost, and improve the service life.
4, powder powder: the waste rubber powder is processed into 60 yard to 80 yard, and do the activation powder directly, also can be directly do rubber products, reduce reclaimed rubber process once a lot of working procedure, and activation powder demand is big, broad prospects.
5, composite coating: chemical sealant, the powder made from composite coatings used for rubber composite coatings, exterior wall paint, anti-corrosion coatings and other industries.
6 and adding powder: in other products such as motor vehicle brake pads, flame retardant materials, insulation materials, rubber and plastic, rubber, window with fluid sealant, etc.

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