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Waste tire rubber powder modified asphalt is the best recycling for tire

Times:2016-01-18   Author:zhengyangtire

Production of rubber modified asphalt has been applied in yangzhong S238 laying of provincial roads, the complete road about 45 kilometers, USES about 5500 tons of mixture, equivalent to re-use the article 110000 household car waste tires, not only solved the environmental pollution of the waste tires, also has a certain economic benefits.
A large number of accumulation of waste tires not only cannot automatically degradation, land resources, there is fire, breeding ground for mosquitoes and other risks. How to dispose of the solid waste, become the various countries common problems.
Waste tires is not, in fact, nothing, and whole body is treasure: contains up to nearly 60% of rubber mixture and mixture of waste tires contain rubber.
According to expert introduction, the current methods of dealing with the waste tire rubber mainly has the following kinds: tyre pyrolysis plant, old tires refurbished, reclaimed rubber production and production of rubber tire powder. In the several processing methods, waste tire rubber powder modified asphalt is undoubtedly the best use of circular economy development in form.
This is because with rubber powder modified asphalt paving, not only can improve asphalt high temperature stability, low temperature crack resistance, anti-aging and durability, and can also replace the current widely used and expensive styrene – butadiene – styrene copolymer (SBS) and styrene-butadiene rubber polymer modifier, effectively reduce the cost of road construction, save oil resources.
Compared with SBS modified asphalt, rubber powder modified asphalt not only cheaper, its aggregate anti-rutting ability is better.

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