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Waste tire wire rubber sorting equipment

Times:2020-07-01   Author:zhengyangtire

The advantage of waste tire recycling equipment is that it can turn solid waste garbage tires into a valuable resource. At the same time, it can produce profitable environmental protection equipment. The use of more expensive waste tire recycling processing equipment processing efficiency and good effect after processing Ten times, the separation rate of rubber powder or rubber particles is higher, the recovery of steel wire is cleaner, and there is no waste water, exhaust gas and solid waste, which are valuable recyclable products, no matter what kind of used tires Or the processing of rubber products does not affect the recovery rate and separation rate, so it is said that waste tire recycling equipment is a good helper for processing steel wire tires and automobile tires.

Five major investment decisions for professional waste tire processing equipment:

1. Choose from the continuous production process and the configuration of the waste tire processing equipment production line. If you want to achieve a consistent production process and production capacity, first of all, you must configure a sufficient number of waste tire processing equipment.

2. To compare the investment price of semi-automatic and fully-automatic waste tire processing equipment, choose the appropriate configuration and process to achieve the ideal investment purpose.

3. Using the separation effect of tire particles and tire rubber powder, the application and scope of rubber powder with different meshes and different specifications of rubber particles are different, which needs to be decided according to the actual investment situation.

4. The operation process using one-key start and the facilities of brand-name motor parts are distinguished from semi-automatic to fully-automatic by the front-end tire cutting part. Among them, the ring cutting machine, the cutting machine, the cutting machine, and the rolling machine The investment represented by tire particle processing equipment system and tire grinding powder processing equipment system has attracted much attention.

5. Through the multi-purpose use experience on runways, playgrounds, recycled rubber, modified asphalt, waterproof coiled materials, floor tiles, floor mats, etc., waste tire processing equipment shows a trend of high environmental protection and efficiency.

Not only efforts in simple operation and high degree of automation, the market and future development of waste tire rubber powder equipment is a major strategic opportunity. Waste tire processing is a green environmental protection project of recycling, using rubber made from waste tires. The use of granules and rubber powder is distributed in many industries. In the field of environmental protection in recent years, the waste tire rubber powder equipment has a broader development. For example, you are now thinking of investing in understanding the waste tire rubber powder equipment and the used tire granulator. For processing projects, you can contact our online customer service for more inquiries.

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