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Waste tires are how to construct the high performance pavement

Times:2016-01-27   Author:zhengyangtire

International use of scrap tire technology used for paving road, but mostly used is rubber asphalt technology. Along with the rapid development of domestic automobile industry, tire rubber powder as a modifier in asphalt, supplemented by other chemical agents, eventually forming new paving material stable performance. The new technology has obvious advantages in practical application.
Asphalt pavement using waste tire 3.51 million
With low energy consumption, low emissions, low pollution, high efficiency as the goal, Beijing Hong Kong and Macao highway (hebei) rubber modified asphalt paving the road projects of all applications, using waste tires is 3.51 million; Utilization of construction waste, notching 3.56 million cubic meters of fly ash and soil, waste river sand filling roadbed, economical use of land, 3563 mu; Recycle material surface milling planer 510000 tons; Use 3.5 million cubic meters of high performance concrete, save 300000 tons of cement, reduce carbon dioxide emissions of 260000 tons.
In high and low temperature performance, highway in very hot when it is not soft, not crack when temperature is very low, there is a road life is long, its elastic recovery. In addition, it anti-aging performance is very good, ordinary rubber modified asphalt is rubber powder(Production of tyre powder machine)modified asphalt is better than life long.

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