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Waste tires flood “black pollution” environmental problem

Times:2016-01-11   Author:zhengyangtire

With the development of economic take-off, the automotive industry, in recent years, a year of waste tires in 8% – 10% speed increase sharply, become a new pollution. On the one hand is increasingly large tire production data, on the other hand is more headaches of scrap tire safety accidents and pollution problems.

In recent years, we see an endless caused by waste tire safety accident, scrap tire piled up a large amount for a long time, easy to cause fire, and likely to cause secondary pollution.
Hidden danger existing in the waste tires is self-evident, scientific and effective disposal of waste tires became a hot topic in recent years, the industry of discussion.
In recent years, with the pollution problem of the tire is becoming increasingly prominent, people on the “black pollution” caused by waste tires are more attention.
It is understood that the tires in addition to the production process of waste gas, waste water pollution, such as the rapid increase of the number is on the earth caused serious “black pollution”, was a great challenge to the environmental protection.
Introduce according to professional personage, is a kind of waste tires need to take up a lot of the environment space of the waste, and difficult to compress, collection and eliminated. Given the uncertainty of the time needed for decomposition of old tires, so they don’t have biodegradability, and its composition, including some dangerous elements such as lead, chromium, cadmium and other heavy metals, improper management and disposal, would pose a threat to human health and the environment.
In addition, the piling up of waste tire, deposited in the open air for a long time will not only take up a lot of land resources, but also easy to breed mosquitoes spread disease, the serious deterioration of natural environment, and could cause a fire, the threat to people’s lives and property.
At present our company has two kinds of recycling schemes, a kind of the waste tire recycling to tire powder, another is the tire pyrolysis plan, the main undertake choosing according to the specific situation of different countries.

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