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Waste tires have been a threat to our environment

Times:2016-05-07   Author:zhengyangtire

Because of the Earth’s global warming, overpopulation, pollution, poaching and melting glaciers and other problems suffered environmental crisis, organizations also issued a number of photographs showing the destruction of human land, sky and sea.
Some photos show, around the world there are a lot of man-made garbage, from America to Africa, all kinds of waste electrical parts, plastic garbage, tires, etc. are found in rivers and the sea.
Among these, the problem of pollution of the tire becomes increasingly prominent. In addition to the tire production process pollution waste gas, waste water, the waste tires more and more, is causing serious “black pollution” of the Earth, to the great challenge of protecting the environment.
Tires are used without melting or refractory polymeric materials, these materials decompose if required hundreds of years, but the landfill, burning and other methods to deal with solid waste of used tires do not apply. Therefore, how to deal with waste tires, it has been recognized as the world’s environmental problems.
Earth piled scrap tires long-term open-air piling up, not only occupy a lot of land resources, but also can easily create a mosquito-borne disease, severe deterioration of the natural environment, destroying the plant vegetation, seriously jeopardize the global environment, and may lead to a fire threat to people’s life and property safety. In some areas, waste tires are used as fuel, serious pollution of the surrounding barren.

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