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Waste tires on the environment have serious harm?

Times:2016-03-24   Author:zhengyangtire

People living environment is getting worse and worse, and pollution become increasingly concerned about the topic. All over the world there are a lot of waste, from America to Africa, all kinds of waste electrical appliance parts, plastic, tires were found in the rivers and the sea.
This among them, the pollution problem of the tire is becoming increasingly prominent. Tires in addition to the production process of waste gas, waste water pollution, waste tires is becoming more and more serious damage is to the earth “black pollution”, was a great challenge to protect the environment.
Tire is not melt or refractory polymer elastic material, the material need hundreds of years to break down, do not affect the degree of plants grow in the soil, landfill, burning and other treatment methods of waste tires are not applicable. Therefore, how to deal with waste tires, has been the world recognized environmental problems.
On earth piling up of waste tyres, deposited in the open air for a long time not only takes up a large amount of land resources, but also easy to breed mosquitoes spread disease, serious deterioration of natural environment, vegetation destroy plants, seriously endanger the earth’s ecological environment, and could cause a fire, the threat to people’s lives and property. In some areas, waste tires is used as a fuel, serious pollution makes nothing grows around.
For the methods of dealing with the waste tires into tires refurbished, through the tire recycling machine production rubber powder, tyre oil is obtained by tyre pyrolysis plan.

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