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Waste tires to a “great thinker”

Times:2016-01-20   Author:zhengyangtire

The waste tyres recycling method are many, as our company’s waste tyre powder recycling machine, tyre pyrolysis plan, different from our approach, there are some old tires in the hands of the artist can become more interesting.
Waste tires to a “great thinker”,Black sculpture, sending out the smell of rubber, who can imagine it to be a pile of waste tires in a few months ago.

Recently there was a black statue, took no notice of buzzing around vocals, intently staring at the phone. Recognize a lot of young people, it is a copy of rodin’s “thinker, compared different is the sculpture hand phone, and a tire texture. “Bend the originality of the sculpture, the family was inspired by friends during the vacation,” before no words don’t talk about friends, get together are playing mobile phone, feel each other after the party has alienated “. The scenes pictures, let xiao-dong Chen highly “stimulus”.

Met a friend’s car flat tire on the road, when change tire xiao-dong Chen suddenly thought of rubber can be recycled, used for sculpture. Back to xiamen, he find a junkyard and bought a bunch of old bicycle tire pay 10 dollars. “Boss looked at me in wonder the old tires on the car, ask me: this washing money is more than 10?” Xiaodong said with a smile, he will tire cut into thin pieces, and then sticking into dynamic sculpture according to need.

Rubber plasticity, skin is like a muscle, as used in sculpture images and look apt. “Duck” addicted to mobile phone state of the world, through the ups and downs of artistic processing of facial expressions and limbs muscle, vividly displayed, such as the prominent forehead and eyebrow bend, make eyes sag, were wrapped in shadow, enhance the expression of character, and as the tight leg flexion tendons and crooked toes cramps, effectively conveys a kind of indifference.

In xiao-dong Chen’s view, the interpersonal brings distant, because of the mobile phone is a thought-provoking side during the holiday.

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