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Waste tyre grinder/rubber grinder machine

Times:2015-10-12   Author:zhengyangtire

Waste tyre grinder/rubber grinder machine,Rubber grinder just as its name implies is used to make waste rubber and waste tires into rubber powder, it is the key process in powder recycling tires, here we’ll look at the machine’s features.
Waste tyre grinder/rubber grinder machine features:
1. This machinery is consists of bed-plate, frame, roller, double-row roller bearing, roll setting gear, gearing, heating and cooling apparatus, safety brake, electrical machinery and planet type gear reducer.
2. The two hollow rollers that are installed parallel and rolling towards each other should be installed to the frame, and the upper cover should be tightly fastened with binder bolts to the frame whose lower part is fixed to bass plate. Through the electric motor reducer, the roll opening can be adjusted.
3. The power was transferred to the Hardened square type gear reducer and Shaft coupling, which makes the back roller turn round. At the other side of the back roller, there is a ratio gear, which engages that of former roller, then the rollers turn round relatively.
Waste tyre grinder/rubber grinder machine,The waste tyre and waste rubber will feature the highest recovery of the best ways is to tire powder recovery, the above is the simple introduction of machine, if you are interested in our products or want to know more information please contact us.

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