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Waste tyre recycling and utilization in the United States

Times:2016-02-15   Author:zhengyangtire

Modern tyre is composed of fiber and steel and different kinds of vulcanized rubber. To very strong rubber products are broken down into basic components, need tyre shredder and Rubber powder mill machine and Fiber separator  and tire steel extractor. Washington, recycled rubber (STMC) 1996 data provided by the management committee, waste tires for a total of 266 million sets; Recycling is 202 million sets, more than 75% of the total number is used as fuel is about 153 million sets; Rubber powder using 12.5 million sets; Civil engineering using 150 million sets; Mixed refining used the 8 million sets of new products; Exported 15 million sets; Agriculture using 2.5 million sets; Another 1 million interplanting other USES. The following three aspects: detail the scrap tire recycling and utilization.
Waste tires purposes
First, (TDF) used as fuel
Data show that at the beginning of 1997, in the United States has 107 tires factory for fuel. Another 96 in the burning experiment. These places including cement, lime plant, paper and pulp plant, power plants, foundries and smelters.
Second, the production of rubber powder
Traditional rubber powder market refers to the generation of gear products, such as cushion, dampers and some manufacturers have used rubber powder manufacturing high technology products, such as shoes, lawn dripping hose and auto parts. Even the rubber powder and special glue or plastic combined into new materials. Protective layer of the underground pipe instead of foam material, as well as the raw material of new tires.
Three, waste tire replace traditional building materials
The use of waste tires can be traced back to the 70 s this century, waste tires as a breakwater, artificial reefs. Since the early 90 s this century, more and more civil engineering application of waste rubber. How scrap tires used in civil engineering, one purpose is to use waste tyre alternative rock embankment. Subgrade filling material of waste tires is also used as a light, wall reinforcement, prevent pavement under freezing, filtering, and the bottom plate of gas storage system. Chop tyre is often used. The length can be cut into two or three inches block. In different USES, direction of civil engineering are usually need each piece of not less than two inches.
The above content is at present the application of waste tyres, with the rapid development of auto industry, the amount of scrap tires increases year by year, I hope more people into environmental causes, black pollution problems.

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